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A Long Overdue Catchup…

July 7, 2012

So this post is far overdue I know. I’ve had a lot going on over the past 12 months and it’s been fairly quiet on the We Are Scientists front. But recently a few new promos have surfaced and with the new album being recorded it looks like there’s more releases on the horizon so expect more updates as that happens.

I’ve added four new promos to the relevant pages here..

Barbara Japanese Promo

Rules Don’t Stop Hong Kong Promo CD

Goal! England Promo CD

Impatience DVD Promo

So 4 varied new items, I’ve got to admit my favourite is the Rules Don’t Stop Hong Kong Promo if only for the bizarre text on the insert..

My favourite line is:

“On ‘ Barbara’ they recruited Andy Burrows (former hitter-guy for Razorlight)”

If Andy ever wanted an official title I think we have a winner!

More posts to follow as more items show up and the new album begins to form.

P.S. The background of the top pic is all we Are Scientists CDs and vinyls and about 75% of my collection (the bigger vinyls don’t fit and some CDs live on a display shelf) I’ve been meaning to post full photos but this gives you an idea of most of it (note: there are no duplicates, loads of the same album, but each is a different version/promo) and the big white group under the text is a ridiculous amount of the promo CDs in super thin plastic cases..


With Love and Squalor DVD Single Promo

May 5, 2011

Hey guys, just a short post to let you know the site’s still ticking over! Very quiet on the WaS front, haven’t seen any new promos for ages, except this DVD promo containing all the singles videos from With Love and Squalor.

Have 2 We Are Scientists gigs coming up,m hoping to stay afterwards and meet up with the band again, trying to decide what promo/release I should take to hopefully get signed? Maybe one of the CDrs or Safety Fun and Learning Promos they might not have seen in ages/before.. Hmmm, any suggestions?

We Are Scientists Sampler CDr Promo!

November 5, 2010

Ok here’s a promo I’ve never seen or heard about before! It’s a 3 track promo sampler CDr from the band, featuring Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt, Inaction and The Great Escape! A simple white jewel case with printed tracklisting and printed CDr.

From some research I believe the CDr was sent to a promoter to use in getting the band gigs.

The tracks are slightly different than the released version and both unmastered versions, a lot rougher, probably earlier recordings. So I’m placing this as probably just before or around the time of the With Love And Squalor Unmastered Promos but it’s hard to know for sure as I’ve never seen or heard of this CD before.

Again I’ve blanked out some information on the disc for privacy and to help stop any potential fakes – I know some collectors of other bands will only post a photo of something really rare if they don’t show the entire thing, ie the bottom half is cut out of the photo. I don;t really want to do this so think this is a fair compromise. Again, if anyone ever sees this for sale they can check the hidden details with me to see if it’s genuine. (There is also something printed on the sides of the tray so the same applies with this.)

I’ve made a new page in the discography for this promo, under miscellaneous items or visit the page here!

With Love & Squalor Mega Rare Unmastered Promo CDr 2!

November 5, 2010

So I’m guessing a lot of you probably saw this for sale a little while ago. Went for a pretty crazy price really, but glad I got it as this type of promo is so far and few between. i’ve never seen this exact version before, as some of you might remember there’s another With Love And Squalor unmastered promo that you can find more about here.

Basically the first one (I just linked to) featured all the final tracks of the album, with a few extended pauses between tracks, albeit in a different track order.

Whereas this new Unmastered promo CD, not only has a different track order, but different tracks! The normal album has Inaction & textbook, this has This Means War and History Repeats, very interesting in itself! I think this predates the other promo CD and this was one of the original ideas for the tracklisting until it developed to the other promo and then the final release.

Regarding the tracks themselves, they are slightly different. Not massively, no different lyrics as far as I can tell, but they sound a lot rawer than the final release, I think I could hear more instruments in the background and slightly different effects but then I’m not an expert. Also some are slightly longer and not just from blank pauses between tracks. Basically they’re close but not the final versions. Then there’s the the two tracks that were released as b-sides. I’m still looking into the differences properly with the help of a friend whose a sound engineer.

Unfortunately as the tracks are so close to the final released, available to purchase versions and in respect to the band I don’t have plans to put this online (unless they gave their permission). Promo CDs are a grey area anyway, and I don’t want to make things any more complicated. To be honest, no ones missing out really as they’re not that different but if I ever find a version with really different on unheard tracks that’d be another matter. 😉

Blanked out the contact details for two reasons. Firstly it contains names, phone numbers and emails, out of respect to people’s privacy I think it’s best this way. Secondly with such items going for a lot more recently there’s an increased risk of fakes and knocks offs. This way no one can make a copy and if anyone does find a second copy for sale feel free to get in touch so I can confirm the name and details and help you check it’s genuine.

Added to the With Love And Squalor pre-release page here. Wow, there’s been quite a few lately!

Chick Lit DVDr

November 5, 2010

Whilst there are generally loads of promos for the bands singles, there promos for the videos seem to be far and few between. I guess there are far less people to send promo DVDs to than say music journalists and radio stations. So it’s cool whenever one of these show up, I got the After Hours one a few months ago and this appears to be the exact same format of promo, just for Chick Lit.

I Don’t Bite Promo CDR

November 5, 2010

Firstly apologies for a lack of new posts, but I have a few mega rarities to post.. But to begin, the new single, I Don’t Bite, unfortunately a digital only single so no physical release, but a funny promo CD. Got this a while ago and haven’t seen any other versions, I guess now the guys are on their own label there will probably be a fair few less releases..

Posted full details on the I Don’t Bite page of the discography here.

Safety, Fun And Learning Promo Early Versions!

August 15, 2010

Just posted a blog about getting Bitching! which is awesome in itself, but as a few of you know I recently picked up two early promo versions for Safety, Fun and Learning! The seller had 3, of two different kinds, one reflective acetate CD and two white promo CDRs. The sellers wife worked at the KSPC radio station back when the band went to Claremont College and was given the 3 early versions which she kept along with flyers from the bands shows there and recently refound. I picked up one of each copy and a friend who also collects the band bought the other, he recently met the band after a show again and asked Chris about the promos who confirmed they’re real.

They’re probably test prints/early versions from the printers which the band gave to the radio station and possibly others to different venues/promoters. I’ve never seen or heard of these versions before and after extensive searching still can’t find anything, which leads me to believe these probably haven’t surfaced before and I would say are some of the rarest CDs from the band as only a small amount would have been pressed and it will be interesting to see if anymore appear for sale.

I’ve added all this information and more, along with full photos to the Safety, Fun and Learning (In That Order) entry here. Definitely worth checking out, the seller also sent me 2 flyers from the band which I’ll be posting photos of shortly.